Additions and Remodeling

You want a seamless home where the lines between old and new spaces are impossible to discern.  That’s where a trusted local contractor comes in.

What’s your vision?  What does your dream renovation look like?  A home addition creating a space for your growing family, or an aging parent?  Maybe you’re looking at remodeling to update your dated bathroom and kitchen.  A beautiful home renovation will add value and beauty to your existing space.

No matter the reason for your addition or remodeling project, when life requires an addition to your existing space, time is of the essence.  That’s where our expert team comes in to bring your vision to life.  Creatively exploring all aspects of each project, we will work with you to develop a custom design.  A custom-designed addition or remodel should blend in with the style of your home.  Once the layout is complete and finishes are chosen, it’s time to get building!

Next, our team of experienced tradesmen and master carpenters take the blueprints and get to work!  They begin building out your custom renovation on-budget and on-time with a finished product that will be celebrated for years to come.

Whether you’re longing to update your surroundings with a beautifully remodeled kitchen, or life’s events require an addition to your home, we will work with you to develop a plan tailored to your budget, and lifestyle.

Now is the time to discuss how you can increase your home’s value with an expertly designed and crafted renovation in 2018.  Call 860-739-3497 to get started!